How many Muslims are living in non-Arab countries, or are living overseas and receiving a foreign education? How many modern Muslims care about maintaining both their traditions and their mother tongue? And how many tutors are providing the appropriate education materials which are both in keeping with tradition whilst also making the most of  today’s technology?

If you think carefully about the answers to these questions you will soon realize the vast difference between what Muslims need to maintain their identity and culture and what is actually on offer.

Some of those who were genuinely concerned about this need, and initiated a qualitative project aimed at creating curricula which specialized in teaching the Arabic language and Islamic studies. Using a combination of moderation and modernity they created “International Curricula” organisation.

Following the launch ofInternational Curricula”, a true journey of achievements lasting almost 15 years was embarked upon. A number of academics and scientists were also selected to join them on this venture. As with all journeys, this one passed through many phases, including the specialists travelling far and wide to study how the needs differed in various environments. They then selected the correct topics for each area and both designed and prepared the appropriate curricula, combining their learning with the most modern of teaching methods. This literature was then printed and supplied to many educational establishments to undergo a thorough testing process. When the results came in any issues raised were promptly dealt with. Phase one concluded with two solid pieces being selected; the Arabic learning curriculum and the Islamic studies curriculum, along with several complementary editions.

The next phase of this journey saw “International Curricula” continue to spread the word and deliver it to their targeted audiences across the globe, ever striving to meet their desired goals. This was no easy task as they had to keep abreast of the ever changing needs of the modern Muslim society and the editions were constantly evolving to meet these. Many well known Islamic figures congratulated them on what they were trying to achieve and encouraged them to persevere. This journey continues to this day, and with God’s blessing will carry on until every edition reaches those who need it.