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International Curricula is one of the world’s leading and specialized organizations in producing Arabic and Islamic curricula and other related books…

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Report on the program of method of Arabic Teaching Language

Our Clients


  • Riverside East Academy
  • Al Huda School
  • Toledo Islamic Academy
  • Unity Center
  • MCC Full Time School
  • Maryum Islamic Center
  • Salam School
  • Sunrise Academy
  • Iqra School
  • More…

Europe :

  • Abu Hanifa Foundation
  • Al Falah Primary School
  • Al Hikmah School
  • Al Manhal School
  • Al Ghazali School
  • Al Ikhlas Primary School
  • Altrincham Bayaan Academy
  • Arabic School for All
  • Arabic Town School
  • More…

Asia :

  • Oasis International School
  • Islamic International School
  • A-hoda International School
  • Al – Fajr International School
  • Acme Global Academy
  • Knowledg Academy – Chennai
  • Repute InfoTech & Enterprises Ltd School
  • United International School
  • More…

Africa :

  • Islamic Dawa Organization
  • Elementary School – Nabeul
  • Al andalus azharian language schools, Cairo
  • Abu-Huraira Academy
  • More…